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25 February 2008 @ 06:22 pm
Earlier today (Monday 25th February), the Orthopaedic surgeon and Arsenal medical staff assessed the extent of the damage and possible time scale for a full recovery.

All being well, Eduardo will have his leg in plaster and using crutches for the next six to eight weeks. After that time, partial weight-bearing exercises will be scheduled into a slow rehabilitation process.

It is hoped that Eduardo will be running again in six months time and making a full recovery after nine months.
Eduardo will be released from hospital in a few days.


It's good to hear ^_^
27 February 2008 @ 06:28 pm
Arsenal.com has replied to my mail regarding sending over the community's collation of get-well messages.

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Like what Lynne's said,

Eduardo has received many kind messages of support and best wishes all of which he truly appreciates and all these messages have given him great comfort and this difficult time.

So, can you imagine how much more this will do to his confidence and recovery time? Doesn't really matter if Arsenal.com is collecting too. We can do it in our ways too and the more Eduardo receives, the better it does to him!

So, please, do add in your messages here!
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Dearest fans, I know that some of you don't mind emailing Arsenal.com as well as posting your messages here, hence, the reason why I'm going ahead with this!

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So, if you have your well-wishes ready, you can start posting now!
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A big hello to everyone of you, the fans of Eduardo!

First of all, I decided to come up with this community a day after Eduardo's injury when I realised that there's no place (community/forum etc) where I could say my well-wishes for him except for my own personal journal. And it's about time the man is dedicated a community where we can do picspams, honour him when he does wonder during matches, share and focus on his talents and footballing skills.

Anyway, I have set the postings to moderated for the moment because actually, I have planned to kick start this community with an entry where people can post their individual get-well messages/banners in the entry for Eduardo. It will be a post solely for that.

Also, I have emailed Arsenal.com saying that I will be gathering get-well messages and that I was wondering if there's any way I can send them the link with the messages and if there's any way in which they can get it to reach Eduardo. I hope this will be successful because it'd be very brilliant after what Eduardo had mentioned in his first interview after his injury:

"I would also like to say how touched I am by the many messages of support I have received..."
(To read the rest of the article, go to Arsenal.com)

From the sound of it, Eduardo's doing pretty fine after his surgery!

Anyway, I hope that Arsenal.com will reply to me! It will a boost of an encouragement to Eduardo to hear from us, I'm sure, what more with him being new at Arsenal and to know that he has a fanbase! =]

With that, it would be nice if you guys could pimp this community over at your journal! It's for a good cause, so, it doesn't matter if your friends are not a fan of Arsenal or even a big fan of Eduardo. As long as they want to wish Eduardo a speedy recovery, they are welcome to do so here!

Don't post your get-well messages in reply to this entry yet. I will post the official entry for that tomorrow so that you all can prepare and think of a message/do a special banner for the time being. Tell me first what you think of this because this can't work with only 2 or 3 people. I'll need each and everyone of your support. Thanks. =)

Most importantly, thanks to hada_princesa04 for clearing up my confused mind and reminding me that today is Eduardo's birthday. So,

A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EDUARDO! We wish you a speedy recovery and just so you know, we'll wait for you no matter how long it takes! Take care and have a good 25th!

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24 February 2008 @ 07:22 pm
In dedication and for the love of Eduardo, who suffered a rough injury last night, I have decided to create a community for him. He'd sustained a broken leg and has been operated on yesterday and is now resting.

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I'll come up with a better profile when time permits.
This community is still in the making. Do join first if you love Eduardo. Thank you for your patience. =)
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